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The Manatees Return to Jupiter – Daily Manatee Tours Offer a Unique Experience

Jupiter, FL–The Jupiter Outdoor Center, 1116 Love Street, Jupiter, FL 33477, hosts guided tours of the Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve, where visitors can explore the ecology of the mangrove lined waterways, and search for the magnificent manatees that abound in our waters during this time of year.

“Early sailors and explorers thought that these creatures were mermaids upon first encountering them, but giving our guests a chance to paddle with them up close can really give us all an idea how much rum those early sailors must have been drinking! Although they are majestic animals, they are a far cry from a beautiful swimming goddess of the sea. They are an important part of our local ecology, an endangered species, and a close encounter with a manatee is something not soon forgotten.” – Ryan Sullivan, Director of Operations for the Jupiter Outdoor Center

Did you know? The “sea cow” is a common term for manatees and other dugongs. This name likely comes from the fact that manatees are herbivores (plant-eaters), as are cows, and often graze on sea grasses and other plants found in the shallow warm waters, usually 3 to 7 feet deep. Manatees are found in both salt and fresh water. Along the coast, manatees tend to travel in water that is 10-16 feet deep, and they are rarely seen in areas over 20 feet deep.

Much like their beloved snowbird human counterparts, November through March, manatees are concentrated primarily in Florida. Manatees don’t thrive in very cold water, and being warm blooded mammals, gather near warm water sources such as natural springs and shallow mangrove estuaries. Individual manatees often return to the same wintering areas year after year. In the summer months when warmer waters extend further north, manatees are much more widely distributed and can be found as far west as Alabama and Louisiana and as far north as Virginia and the Carolinas.

You can be an eye witness to this migration by registering for one of the Jupiter Outdoor Center’s daily Mangroves and Manatees Eco Tours that depart right from their private launch beach at 1116 Love Street directly across the inlet from the Jupiter Lighthouse. Upon entering the crystal blue waterways, the only thing separating you from the manatees is your kayak or paddleboard. The Jupiter Outdoor Center guides will take you throughout the mangrove-laden estuaries and aquatic preserves in search of these gentle giants, giving tips and pointers on good paddling technique along the way. The tours are good for all ages, and kids truly light up when they catch a glimpse of a manatee in the wild, so get the whole family involved and go explore! You can contact the Jupiter Outdoor Center at 561-747-0063 or visit www.jupiteroutdoorcenter.com to book your reservation.

About the Jupiter Outdoor Center:
Founded in 1997, the Jupiter Outdoor Center provides quality outdoor adventures and a place to rent kayaks, paddleboards, and embark on guided eco-tours. Located at 1116 Love Street, Jupiter FL 33477, with its beach located directly across the waterway from the Jupiter Lighthouse, the Jupiter Outdoor Center is the perfect spot to launch a kayak, take a Stand Up Paddleboarding Lesson, enjoy a guided tour and even send your kids to adventure camp.

Manatee Tour


manatee tour jupiterWe are in our Manatee season where you can jump on a SUP or Kayak and paddle out to see the beautiful Florida Manatee on our Manatee Tour.

$60 includes kayak or SUP.

The Manatee Tour Departs twice a day, two times a week. Call for times as they change each day.

Call to reserve your spot today. Remember to bring your waterproof camera !

Phone 561-316-6203


Who are these adorable little guys ?  ” The Florida Manatee “

The West Indian manatee was once abundant throughout the tropic and subtropical western North and South Atlantic and Caribbean waters. However, the manatee’s numbers have been greatly reduced. Today, the West Indian manatee is listed as an endangered species throughout its range.
The range of the Florida manatee is primarily peninsular Florida but extends as far north as Rhode Island. Manatees have been rescued near Houston, Texas, and Mississippi. West Indian manatees may be found in any waterway over 1 m (3.25 ft.) deep and connected to the coast. They prefer waters with temperatures above 21°C (70°F). Florida manateesrarely venture into deep ocean waters. However, manatees have been spotted as far offshore as the Dry Tortugas Islands, approximately 81 km (50 mi.) west of Key West, Florida. Historically, Florida manatees have migrated south into warmer waters during the colder months of the year. On the Gulf coast, manatees congregated at natural warm-water springs. On the Atlantic coast, manatees headed south of the Sebastian River.Today, power plant outfalls and other warm-water discharges are important winter destinations for many manatees.The Florida manatee census taken in January, 2000, found 2,222 individuals. The 1999 survey was 2,353. Scientists believe there may be as many as 3,000 manatees currently in the state of Florida.

° In Florida, more than 200 manatees congregate at some power plants during cold weather. These artificially heated sources have allowed manatees to remain north of their historic wintering grounds.
° Among the most important of the artificial warm-water discharges are the Florida Power & Light Company’s power plants at Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, Riviera Beach, and Fort Myers, as well as the Tampa Electric Company’s Apollo Beach power plant in Tampa Bay, Florida (Van Meter, 1989).


Call us to reserve your spot on the Manatee Tour Jupiter !

Discover How You Can Keep Your Children Busy During Summer Vacation By Enrolling Them In Camp Jupiter FL

Kids are full of energy and a Camp Jupiter FL can help them stay busy this Summer. Many parents seem to have trouble finding ways to keep their kids busy during Summer break. This is a problem that every parent faces. Children need to spend more time outside doing physical activities as opposed to being glued in front of the television for the entire Summer vacation. Sending them to a camp in Jupiter Florida can keep them active and outside.

Julie S says:

“I have three boys age 5,7, and 8. To say that they are a handful would be an understatement. I don’t look forward to entertaining all three of my rough and tumbling boys every single day during Summer vacation. I just don’t have the energy that they have. Sending my kids to Camp Jupiter FL gives me the break that I need, and my kids love it.”

Here are three ways a Camp Jupiter FL will not only keep your kids busy, but create wonderful memories as well.:

Kayaking in Camp Jupiter FL
Kayaking through the coastal wetlands in and around this area will provide an unforgettable experience. Children will be able to spend some time getting to know their kayak, and soon they will be paddling like a pro. Kayaking not only introduces children to the amazing wildlife that calls Jupiter Florida home, but it also helps build excellent coordination and upper body strength. This is one excellent way for children to get some exercise while enjoying a Camp Jupiter FL.

Kids stay busy with Camp Jupiter FL paddle boarding adventures
Paddle boarding provides a unique view to every paddler. There is no better way to see everything in the water around you than with a paddle board. Paddle boarding is also an excellent form of exercise. It helps build upper body strength, and it works your entire core. Standing and paddling is simple, and it is yet another great way to stay busy at a Camp Jupiter FL.

Visit an underwater world with snorkeling
Children will be amazed at the amount of life that can be seen while wearing a mask and snorkel. It offers a window to an underwater world that is truly fascinating. The greatest thing about snorkeling is this. Children have so much fun doing it, that they never even realize they are getting exercise, and learning about the fabulous creatures of the sea at the same time. Not every Camp Jupiter FL will offer the wonderful adventure of snorkeling.

If you are looking for a Camp Jupiter FL that will not only entertain your children, but keep them busy as well, then call Jupiter Outdoor center. At Jupiter Outdoor Center we offer kayaking, paddle boarding adventures, and snorkeling just to name a few. We also offer other great outdoor activities like: surfing, manatee tours, and Eco tours. Jupiter Outdoor Center has been putting smiles on children’s faces for over 15 years. For more information on taking your children to a Camp Jupiter FL, and how you can keep your children busy this Summer, call us today at 561-316-6203.